Tossa Lite


Tossa Lite Medium

Tossa Lite Medium 5.5mm is a budget rope which only needs oiling or waxing and burning off before use as it is so soft and flexible that no wet treatment is needed. 

This rope is similar in weight and flexibility to the lightest Japanese jute (asanawa) costing many times as much! Asanawa Tossa Lite is made from tossa jute, as used in Japan, which gives a stronger rope that ages beautifully and is much darker than White Jute. It comprises 3-plies made up of double yarn threads, instead of the single yarns more common in Japanese rope, to create an extremely light, yet durable rope. This is my lightest and most flexible rope due to the looser lay (twist). The double twisted yarns provide excellent resistance to 'high-stranding', i.e. going out of balance, common with loose laid ropes. 

Being a budget rope, the fibre and manufacture are not as good as my other ropes, so the initial appearance is a little rough and the some dark/rough fibres will need to be removed. However, it will break in and mature beautifully with just a bit of use. If you prefer, it is available already lovingly dry-treated by hand. This is an amazingly durable rope which just gets better and better with use. The tight double twisted yarns mean it resists 'high-stranding', i.e. going out of balance.