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Synthetic hemp

Hempex 6mm rope

GeoTwist Hempex looks like a top grade hemp but is in fact a modern and durable man-made fibre rope. It is so convincing that it is used on historic vessels. Supplied in 8m (26ft approx.) and 10m (33ft approx.) lengths finished with a simple knot.

The 6mm has a breaking strain in excess of 350kg so is far safer than natural hemp or jute for load bearing applications. Unlike natural fibre rope, it is predictable in its performance so gets an ISO rating. This makes it a much more sensible solution for suspension lines. I certainly feel a lot more comfortable with the security of a rated synthetic main line, even though I prefer to tie with 5mm jute. A couple of lengths are a wise addition to any rope bag.

The fact that it is unaffected by water means that it is great for water bondage, where natural fibre can tighten, or if you need to regularly wash your rope for hygeine reasons.

Although it exhibits a little initial stiffness, it soon softens up after a little use, so no treatment is needed. It can be safely washed, but it should not be subjected to hot temperatures and definitely not flame unless you need to fuse the ends.