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Multi-coloured pastel dyed jute rope, single yarn, 6mm x 9m

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A very Japanese style rope but with a higher than average yarn count for extra smoothness. Each of the three strands has 18 single yarns, which is 50% more than average. Thus, the rope is soft, flexible and compresses to form nice, compact knots and frictions.

As the yarn is dyed before making the rope, the colour is consistent all the way through and there are no nasty smells. It also means you don't need to wet treat this rope. It also has very little hair so burning off is optional. It can be used as is but oiling or waxing will help preserve it and create a wonderful silkiness with use.

The diameter is 6.2mm but I would expect this to break in to an exact 6mm. At around 17.5g per metre, it is a light and fast rope. The 9m length is nominal, so might vary by a few cm. However, given the low price, users of 7-8m ropes can afford to cut them down and have an useful 'get out the shit bit'.